New York


Now THIS was a serious bucket list visit! Sat in my plane seat, eating incredibly average (but free) plane food, I still couldn't quite believe I was finally going to New York City. To a point it felt a little like meeting someone famous that you've admired for years. On the airtrain travelling out of JFK airport the reality of being here hits you with the World Trade Centre standing above the rest of the city in the distance.

We were staying in Manhattan, a 20 minute walk from Central Park which we spent our first few hours walking around; a pretty perfect introduction to the city. A short walk away we headed to Patsy's Pizzeria for a 17" pepperoni pizza and finished the first day off by visiting the Dakota Apartments to see where one of the greatest songwriters had his life taken away.

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The Blizzard

We fell pretty lucky while we were here having sun everyday, apart from one unexpected snow storm! Now don't get me wrong ideal city weather is surely springtime sun, but the unexpected blizzard was something else. It was pretty hard work walking around with the snow never easing up, but it was amazing to see the city in the snow, particularly Times Square.

After people watching in Times Square, suitably soaked, we made our way towards the World Trade Centre for the 9/11 Memorial Museum to dry off. The museum is a lot to take onboard, It moved me, shocked me and inspired me. To visit a museum located on the actual site where such heroism amongst tragedy took place hits you in a huge way, I'll never forget my visit to Ground Zero.

The one where the Susans visited-10.jpg

The next day the blizzard had cleared, though the ice cold breeze seemed to be sticking around. But now we could really get to grips with the city and tick off some destinations without a mouth full of snow, starting with the Stanton Island ferry which is by far one of the best ways to see the city skyline from a far, about a 50 minute round trip, and all for free!

Next up was Greenwich Village; a great area of New York to get lost in. The tightly packed houses, streets lined with trees, cool little music venues and bars and the Friends apartment building, when can I move in? Things start to feel a little more relaxed and less city-like in Greenwich. To finish off a day of immense walking we treked along the High Line, a former railroad line turned elevated park which winds you through the urban architecture of Manhattan.


For me, the highlight of our trip had to be a view of the city from up high, well, it was for me (Daisy, not so much).  It was incredible to see the city skyline at the Top of the Rock just as the glow of sunset started to creep in. The perfect moment to stand back, finally put my camera away and reflect on our first and hopefully not last trip to NYC.

Happy 30th Birthday Daisy!